Getting A Hospital Bed At Home

If you have a serious condition or illness that requires a hospital bed you might have no other option but to stay in the hospital, on the other hand, you could obtain a home hospital bed for your home that gives you the care you need in the environment where you feel most comfortable. 

Does Insurance Cover the Cost of a Hospital Bed?

Won’t getting a home hospital bed at home be very expensive? The answer is both yes and no. A hospital bed for your home can be expensive when you pay for it yourself, however, this equipment is offered as part of Medicare. Medicare covers hospital beds, however, you must meet certain criteria. 


Renting vs. Buying a Bed

There are pros and cons to renting or buying your hospital bed for home. Renting means you must make regular monthly payments but any maintenance is covered. Buying one means you have to take care of maintenance yourself, there is a higher up front cost but it’s cheaper overall. You decide whether to rent or buy your hospital bed


Choose a Bed That is Best for You

There are various types of hospital beds for home to choose from. You can have Electric, Manual, Adjustable, Long-term or Bariatric. Research each one and choose one most suited to your needs.

Where Can You Buy or Rent a Homecare Hospital Bed?

Buying or renting a hospital bed for your home is easy, the best place to find them is at Amica Medical Supply who are the largest online Authorized Dealer or Distributor of these excellent home hospital beds.