When To Trade In Your Walker For A Wheel Chair

Making the switch from a walker to a wheelchair and other forms of home medical equipment can be a difficult decision for many individuals. It can feel like another part of our independence is being eroded away. However, sometimes it is a decision that has to be made for the sake of our health and safety. Here are some of the signs which indicate it may be time to make the trade. 


You Are More Likely To Fall


Falls can be common amongst older people, and when they happen, they can cause serious injury or recovery can take longer. The odd trip here or there may not be anything to worry about, but if they are becoming more frequent, it may be time to reassess your home medical equipment needs and swap your walker for a wheelchair.


You Can’t Get Very Far With Your Walker


Any prolonged period of physical activity is difficult for many older people. While this is completely natural and does not prevent you from using a walker, the problem will continue to get worse over time. If you find yourself needing to sit and rest after just a few minutes of walking, you could be better off investing in a wheelchair.


Walking Becomes Painful


If walking causes you too much discomfort, it may be time to start transitioning to a wheelchair and thinking about the other home medical equipment that can help you.  A wheelchair may significantly enhance the quality of life if there is no way to alleviate your discomfort and you simply cannot tolerate the pain caused by walking.