Buying vs. Renting a Mobility Scooter

 There are many benefits to buying and renting a mobility scooter, but knowing which option is suitable for your needs can allow us to assess what is better for your needs, either temporary or permanent, along with your finances during our analysis.

Mobility scooters have been available to buy for longer than they have been accessible to rent. That is because keeping an eye on the scooter while tracking it can be difficult. In addition, companies do not worry about users running away with the unit. However, legal agreements and technology now allow local businesses to rent mobility scooters. At Home Medical Equipment and Supplies, we can provide you with various options for financing your new equipment.

Should You Buy or Rent?

Typically, if you are only using your mobility scooter on odd occasions such as day trips, for short periods of recovery from illness or injury, or to help you navigate shopping trips, chances are you will only need to rent. However, ongoing health issues that inhibit your ability to walk long distances regularly or physical limitations that would otherwise have you housebound would indicate that you would be better off buying your mobility scooter.

Getting The Best Price

Not everyone can afford to purchase a new mobility scooter outright and rent them to avoid the cost. However, rentals can be costly. Some are up to $100 per week, so weighing up the pros and cons based on your individual circumstances is advisable before you make the decision.

Talk to a home medical equipment professional to assess the benefit of buying a mobility scooter. At Home Medical Equipment and Supplies, we are experts in finding the right mobility scooter for a range of clients to assist with their mobility. We can help you save money on your new purchase, and all purchases are tax-free with free shipping allowing you to save more. Get 10% Off any single item.

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