Know The Right Hospital Bed for Home Care

Choosing a Hospital Bed For Home Care can be tricky, especially if you don’t have any experience with selecting a suitable bed for your needs or the needs of a loved one. If you want to learn more about hospital beds for home care, here is a short guide to help you pick the perfect bed. 

Know the different types of hospital beds for home care

There are three primary types of Hospital Bed For Home Care. These are: 


Manual beds are cheaper than electric counterparts and are ideal for patients who do not need to change positions often. 


Semi-electric models come with electric head and footrest adjustability but also offer manual features. 


Fully electric hospital beds are ideal for patients with low mobility and are suitable for almost any environment, although they are usually the most expensive.

There are also specialty bed styles that are designed for unique needs: 

  • Bariatric 
  • Low beds
  • Cribs or safety beds

Consider User Mobility 

User mobility will determine which type of bed to choose. You will need to think about whether they can get in and out of bed by themselves, and overall stability. Once they are in bed, ask yourself if they will be able to reposition themselves without assistance. If not, a semi-electric or electric bed is best. 

How Long It Will Be Needed

Some patients will need a Hospital Bed For Home Care forever, whereas others might need one while recovering from an injury or surgery. This can help determine which bed is suitable. For short-term needs, you may not want to spend too much money, so pick a manual bed. Alternatively, permanent conditions can benefit from a durable electric bed with plenty of features. 

The Size of The User

You may need to identify beds for tall or short users with an extended or reduced bed surface. Similarly, heavier users could require beds with reinforcement, and all users need to feel comfortable, which is determined by the overall size of the bed. 

The Carer’s Strength 

You mustn’t only consider the user’s needs for the hospital bed. If they have an in-home carer, you will need to think about how strong they are. If you believe the carer could struggle to support and reposition the user, a bed that takes the pressure from this, whether electric or semi-electric, is a great choice. 

Think About Key Features

Knowing the most important features to consider when looking for the perfect Hospital Bed For Home Care will help you make the best decision for the patient’s needs. Look out for: 

  • Positioning
  • Side rails and gap protection
  • Scales
  • Storage
  • Trapeze
  • Installation 


You may or may not require all of these features depending on the user’s needs. Still, it’s useful to understand which features are available, as this can give you a thorough idea of the type of bed you will need, how easy it is to set up and store, and how much you can expect to pay. 

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