Home Medical Equipment and Supply

You ever just sit down and wonder “I need a medical supply store near me”, or if there’s somewhere that can solve your everyday home needs related to a medical condition. Home Medical Equipment and Supply has your back, throughout Florida. Some chronic diseases and conditions require to be managed with physical supplies you can only buy from specialized stores like us that you may only need to purchase once, e.g., a walker or wheelchair.

Consider us as the only shopping option you’ll need when it comes to medical supplies in Florida, or anywhere else in the US. If you’re unsure what we offer or what you may need to assist you with your medical condition, we got your back.

Medical Supplies we offer and supply:

  • Any mobility assistance or supplies that give you a greater dependence. These include walkers, wheelchairs, scooters, crutches, canes, ramps, lift chairs, and much more.
  • Any supplies to make it easier and safer around your home for your condition or disease, such as bathroom railings, electrical appliances that are user-friendly for specific conditions, grab bars for a shower & bath, steps, medical toilet safety frames, or medical transfer benches.
  • Supplies you may need to replenish often, such as bandages, latex gloves, incontinence products, wipes, and much more.
  • Pill cases, charts, and many more methods of monitoring your medications. Digital options also available.

You can buy products online from us, but you may not be able to always do that if a product needs to be fitted or examined in person for the client. If you wish to do so, you can! You can either go to our contact page on our website or just search “medical supply store near me” online and you’ll find us in the search page if you’re local in South Florida. Don’t go worrying about a medical store near me anymore and think of Home Medical Equipment and Supply first!