How To Protect Seniors From The Coronavirus

corona, virus, health, prepare, prevent, precaution, senior, help, me, quarantine, medications, supplies, masks, what, to, do, protect, seniors, from, the, coronavirusWith the new coronavirus now breaking out among the population in the US, seniors need ways to protect themselves. Data suggests that the virus is more of a threat to people over the age of 65. Here are some tips to help protect seniors from the coronavirus.

Avoid Crowds

Public health officials believe that the virus spreads in droplets when somebody coughs. There is also some data to suggest that it can transfer via aerosols, meaning that it can spread through the air. Avoiding large crowds of people, therefore, is a good way that you can minimize risk. 

Stay Home

Self-isolating at home is the best preventive strategy to stop yourself from getting sick. If possible, get your food delivered and stock up on supplies to minimize the need to travel to the grocery store. 

Keep Away From Sick People 

People with coronavirus are highly infectious. If you know somebody is sick, stay away from them. 

Keep A Supply Of Medications, Food, And Supplies At Home

At some point, you may face a quarantine in your area, or you may have to self-isolate. If so, then start preparing now. Make sure that you have all the medications, supplies, and food that you need for at least two weeks. 

Wash Your Hands Often And Do Not Touch Your Face

Coronavirus gets into your body via the mucus membranes around your mouth and eyes. It is vital, therefore, that you avoid touching your face after going out in public. Thoroughly washing your hands regularly reduces the risk of transferring the virus from your hands to your mouth. 

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