Hospital Beds Hollywood

  Shopping for a hospital bed for your home is never an easy prospect. At Home Medical Equipment and Supply in Hollywood, we have a wide selection of hospital beds and are certain we will be able to provide the right bed for you or your loved ones needs. A hospital bed at home enables you to be in a bed that can change positions, from sitting up to lying down, and many other ways, at the touch of a button. This will help provide care to you or your loved one much easier and all in the comfort of your own home. Home Medical Equipment and Supply in Hollywood has served the Hollywood community for over thirty years, and are here to help when shopping for a hospital bed as soon as you need.

            There are a wide range of brands and prices available for hospital beds for the home. We have a large inventory of hospital beds at our store in Hollywood, which enables us to make sure you leave the store with the one that is absolutely perfect for your needs. We not only sell hospital beds, but we will also rent beds for those customers that don’t need one in home for a long term. We have beds in all sizes, from twin to king, and beds that are fully powered.

            As part of our objective to provide the best customer service around to our Hollywood community, we will also deliver the hospital bed to your home at purchase. These beds can often be bulky and difficult to move, so our professionals will help you bring the bed home and set it up in the room you choose. Home Medical Equipment and Supply and their staff will be able to demonstrate how to use the bed once it is set up. We provide these services to ensure our customers are happy with our service and know how to take care of their loved ones properly. Home Medical Equipment and Supply is here to answer any questions about your hospital beds at any time. Call us today or stop by and let us help!