Tips For Living With Oxygen Equipment

Like anything in life, living with At Home Oxygen Equipment takes time to get used to. Once you understand how to move around freely and keep your At Home Oxygen Equipment out of the way, life becomes pretty normal again.


Tell the family


Many of us don’t want to badger others about our health, but just so others know that you have At Home Oxygen Equipment, tell them beforehand. This will prevent them from being clumsy and hitting into it or anything of that nature.


Maintain the concentrator


Understand what you need to do to maintain the concentration that will be discreetly sitting in the corner of your home. As it regulates the stiffness of the oxygen coming through, you should learn how to change the filter, clean it, and more.


Replace tubes and cannulas


Remember that you need to replace the tubing. This will usually need to be done along with your cannulas, so speak to your doctor about how frequently this needs to be done in your circumstances. For this reason, you should always keep tubing and cannulas close by.


Power outage


Always have a plan for what to do if the power cuts out. Have a portable oxygen tank close by just in case and it may pay to install a small emergency generator in your garden as well.


Fire safety


As you know, oxygen bottles are a hazard when it comes to fires. So if you didn’t before, buy a fire extinguisher for each floor, make it easily accessible and learn how to operate it.


For more information on this subject and more, feel free to contact us right now. We’d be happy to answer any nagging questions you may have about living with oxygen equipment.