3 Ways To Get Home Medical Equipment & Supplies.

Get Home Medical SuppliesA plethora of elderly patients suffering from a number of conditions, such as diabetics, patients with cardiovascular disease, and those with respiratory problems, may be more affected by home confinement due to a lack of recommended exercise and physical activity. The elderly, another high-risk population, seem to benefit greatly from plenty of home equipment in order to remain healthy and happy. There are however some regulations and documentation you may need to get the wheels into motion. Equipment such as wheelchair, hospital bed, bedside commode may take weeks to implement within the home which isn’t always preferable. These ways can assist in making this a possibility sooner. 

A doctor’s order

A doctor’s order is vital despite attaining Medicare Part B or Medicaid to cover the payment, a doctor’s order is vital. They will need to be assessed in detail, assessing what they are capable of and what they can and can’t manage inside the home. The following will be assessed by a doctor: 


  • Do they struggle with walking and daily tasks even with a cane/walker?  
  • Can they get dressed and bathe unaided? 
  • Do they have a condition or disease that requires a wheelchair in the home? 
  • Will they be able to manually operate the wheelchair unaided? 

Non Profit Organizations 


There are some local nonprofit organizations that may have programs for people who can access medical and assistive equipment free. These types of lending programs will often have access to plenty of necessary equipment, including commodes, wheelchairs, and even hospital beds. 

Buy it yourself 


There is a wide range of retail medical supply companies out there that sell directly to customers with or without assistance. Home Medical Equipment and Medical Supply is a medical supply store offering thousands of products and services for both retail and wholesale customers.