6-Step Guide to Age in Place

How do you “age in place” successfully? Here’s the Home Medical Supplies 6-step guide. 


Step 1: Check Your Finances


Successful aging in place requires sustainable finances. Speak with your financial advisor about your current financial resources. Work out how much you have to spend on life’s essentials, like food and medicines. 


Step 2: Modify Your Home


Next, check that your home is set up for aging in place. Make sure you have things like hand-rails that will allow you to stay independent. Also, consider getting a walk-in shower. Facilities like this will make it easier to wash in the future. 


Step 3: Secure Your Property


Vulnerable people in senior care are often targeted by scammers and criminals. You should, therefore, be careful who you invite into your home. Opportunists could take advantage of their situation. 


Furthermore, never provide any financial information over the phone or via email. If in doubt about handing over money, check with a relative or financial advisor. 


Step 4: Prepare For Emergencies


Keep emergency contact numbers close by at all times. Also, think about investing in personal emergency response systems that can help you get help fast. 


Step 5: Use Community Resources


Many charities can help you with day-to-day chores. Non-profit programs, for instance, can deliver groceries to your door. They can also assist with transport. 


Step 6: Check Your Needs Are Being Met Twice Per Year


As you age in place, your needs may change. It is good practice, therefore, to update your current care arrangements every six months. Talk to family members and medical professionals about what you should do next.