How To Report Websites For Unlawful Sales Of Medical Supplies 

The increased popularity of eCommerce sites has made it easy for people to purchase the products they need online. As a result, you might have come across websites that sell medicated treatments. Typically, a site that sells medical supplies and products online needs to be FDA-approved. However, some websites are not approved medical supplies resellers. Here’s what you can do to report them. 

A website that sells medical drugs, supplements, or devices illegally can be reported online via a simple form, available here: Report for Unlawful Sales of Medical Supplies on the Internet. To fill the form, you will need to record the exact name of the medical supplies involved. You can also share a brief description of the event during which you spotted the illegal sale. 

To provide additional support to the FDA, reports are required to be as complete as possible. You will not be able to send the report without sharing date details and all relevant media presence. You can supply additional documentation, such as screen captures of the website. The report can be anonymous, but you can also share your name and contact details if you want to be kept updated. 

This report isn’t suitable to share a severe health reaction to the use of a legal drug even in the event it is illegally sold. Health reactions require medical assistance through your health professionals and emergency services, 911. You can also fill up the voluntary FDA’s MedWatch reporting form with the help of your doctor about FDA-regulated products. Alternatively dedicated phone lines 1-866-300-4374 or 301-796-8240 can collect reports of non-threatening health complications about approved medical supplies.