What Is A Lift Chair And Does Medicare Cover It?

What Is a Lift Chair?

A lift chair is similar to an ordinary recliner chair in that it is a comfortable lounge seat that has a mechanism that allows the seat to recline backward. A footrest emerges from the base, and the user can, therefore, pretty much lay down in even more comfort. The difference is that the lift chair can lift the user, unlike an ordinary recliner chair. A lift chair comes in many different sizes, styles, and fabrics, and you can choose from a two-position or three-position lift chair, ie: sitting and upright only, or the recliner feature which allows the user to half recline.

There are two separate systems for the chairs. There is a one motor chair design, where the back and the footrest move together, at the same time. The other type is the infinite position lift chair and has two independent motors. The back and footrest work independently of each other. 

Does Medicare cover lift chairs?

The short answer is ‘yes,’ but you need to be savvy when dealing with the insurance company, as they technically only pay for one lift mechanism, not the chair. Medicare will give 80% of the find for any medical equipment they believe is necessary. The remaining 20% will be picked up by your supplemental.

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