The Advantages of An Oxygen Concentrator vs. An Oxygen Tank

If you need supplemental oxygen, you may assume that an oxygen tank and an oxygen concentrator are one and the same. However, they deliver oxygen differently.

A tank stores oxygen and will supply it until it runs out. A concentrator will supply a never-ending amount of medical grade oxygen by filtering the air around it.

Take a look at why a concentrator may be more advantageous than an oxygen tank.

They Are Safer

Oxygen concentrators, unlike oxygen tanks, will not leak. Leaky tanks can result in a more flammable atmosphere because of greater levels of oxygen being released into the air. Oxygen concentrators actively filter the air around them and supply purified oxygen only when needed, resulting in no chance of leakage and a safer immediate environment.


Unlike oxygen tanks, concentrators don’t run out of oxygen. They use the air around them to administer medical grade oxygen. Keep the battery charged and the oxygen will never run out.


A concentrator isn’t as cumbersome as a large oxygen tank. Portable oxygen concentrators are more compact and can weigh less than five pounds.


While oxygen concentrators may cost more up front to buy, they can make financial sense in the long run. Tanks can need replacing more often and they can be less reliable than the concentrator equivalents.

If you’re tempted to try something new when you next need to replace your tank, why not give an oxygen concentrator a try?