What Does Home Medical Equipment and Supply Sell?

Home Medical Equipment and Supply are providers of medical equipment which is designed for at-home use. Our selection of products includes mobility equipment such as mobility scooters and wheelchairs, but also incontinence supplies, oxygen masks and lift chairs. We provide a variety of at-home medical equipment solutions and also the supplies needed to keep them operational as well as provide you or the patient with different solutions to improve wellbeing.

We have thousands of quality products for both retail and wholesale customers that are bought due to overstock and overruns. This means that we make huge savings on our medical equipment and can pass those savings directly to our customers, making us one of the most affordable suppliers of medical equipment and supplies.

Mobility Scooters

We offer a range of different mobility scooters at affordable prices to provide you or your patients with a variety of mobility options. We offer some of the lowest prices around and a selection of scooters with different accessories and wheels.


We offer some of the lowest prices when it comes to wheelchairs for both temporary and permanent use.

Lift Chairs

Our lift chairs can help you get out of your seat when you need assistance getting up and down out of your seat. It’s perfect for both temporary and permanent use regardless of your health conditions and we offer a variety of styles and brands to pick from.

Wound Care

We offer a huge selection of wound care products that cannot be found in stores such as antimicrobial alginate dressings and Mepilex Border.

If you are looking for Home Medical Equipment and Supplies in Hollywood, Florida look no further. We have a wide rand of supplies with thousands of options to choose from. Visit us today.