Home Medical Equipment and Supplies Located in Hollywood, FL

Home Medical Equipment and Medical Supply is here to provide almost everything you need to live your life outside of the hospital or doctor’s office.


Mobility Aids 

If you have limited mobility, walking may be possible but difficult. Keeping up with the grandkids or walking with your spouse around the lake may not be an option. However, mobility scooters allow you to keep up with everyone without wearing yourself out. We also sell conventional wheelchairs.

Limited mobility can affect every aspect of our lives, and Home Medical Equipment and Medical Supply is here to give you every form of assistance you need. For example, our lift chairs can help you get in and out of our comfortable recliners yourself. Surgical World offers hospital beds for those who require them, often allowing people to come home from the hospital.



Air is life, and it is hard to live your life when you’re struggling to give enough of it. This is why we offer a variety of oxygen concentrators in addition to the classic oxygen tank. Whether you want one that runs on electricity or battery powered, plugs into the wall or can go wherever you want to go, we have what you need.


Medical Supplies 

Our store containing a variety of home medical equipment and supplies located in Hollywood FL has almost anything you could need. We know that ostomy supplies are difficult to shop for, but you can’t life without them and your health depends on maintaining them. This is why we search for reputable, affordable suppliers and offer these products to you at a reasonable price. We also offer all the wound care products Hollywood, Florida residents may require. Whether you want to bandage up a scrape or are treating bedsores, we’re here with everything you need.