Medical supply store Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood Fl

Are you in need of a medical supply store Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood Florida? If you live in Florida and your medical care provider just diagnosed you with an unexpected condition that requires you to have a dependency on some medical equipment, we’ve got your back.

We provide wound care supplies, mobility care devices, or home support e.g., wheelchairs, lift chairs, electric scooters, ramps, crutches, bathroom wall rails, bandages, oxygen equipment, incontinence supplies, and all other medical equipment and supplies. All of this can sound really overwhelming from just reading, but the beauty of having us is that you can just search “Medical supply store Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood Fl” and you’ll see us. We’re one of the best local providers from medical supplies throughout all of Florida, and specifically Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Come give us a visit to view our wares for yourself and we’ll provide you with information on prices, functionality, and custom fits for certain devices.

We’ve been in business for over 40 years, so we know exactly what we’re doing when it comes to medical supplies. If you’d like to come check out some of our merchandise in person just come walk-in at our home location, located at 1751 N 68th Ave, Hollywood, FL 33024. If you live to far and cannot come walk-in yourself, don’t fret, call us and we’ll try to help you to the best of our ability, as we also deliver all over Florida.

At our home location and all our service areas, we offer incontinence supplies, Oxygen Equipment, Oxygen Concentrators, Wheel Chairs, Lift Chairs, Ostomy Supplies, Oxygen Tanks, Hospital Beds, and all other Wound Care supplies at all our locations and ready for delivery from our home store. We properly inspect all our equipment and provide information to someone who’s not savvy on medical equipment or an expert alike to suit their needs. We provide great, reliable and renowned brand names such as Drive, Pride, Merits, Medline, Convatec and so much more! Don’t be scared to give us a call if you have any question on any of our equipment or services.

We offer our services to most locations throughout South Florida and more areas, just give us a call at (954) – 983 – 6523, to inquire if our services are available to you! Some area we definitely provide services are in HOLLYWOOD,  HALLANDALEPEMBROKE PINESCOOPER CITYDAVIESUNRISE, and MIRAMAR.


If you would like to come and see the equipment for yourself, don’t be shy and come give our home location in Hollywood a visit! Once again, we are located at 1751 N 68th Ave, Hollywood, FL 33024.

If you feel the location is too far for you to give us a visit just give us a call or check out or catalog on our website under the equipment page!